Reboot Yourself

£300.00 (exc. VAT)

Taking Yourself from Bad Times to Good

This course consists of nine video modules, plus two bonus videos and supporting course material in PDF format.

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Reboot Yourself: Taking Yourself From Bad Times To Good has been designed as a guide for you to recover from burnout and breakdown however you have come to be there. It is a blend of video and written content to help you learn the elements of recovery in the comfort of your own home.

No one deserves to become burned out or broken down but everyone deserves to recover! Reboot Yourself will help you to a thorough and robust recovery.

Upon purchasing the course you will also be invited to a private Reboot Yourself with Anna Pinkerton Facebook Page for further material, and support.

The course comprises the following modules:

  • Welcome to Reboot Yourself The start of your recovery!
  • Module One part I Finding out how stress is affecting you, and you’re not going crazy
  • Module One part II Top 5 symptoms of burnout, breakdown and overwhelming stress
  • Module Two How to create headspace and speed up your recovery
  • Module Three Having companionship to yourself is the first key to your recovery
  • Module Four Taking time to consider you and your life without judgement and cruelty
  • Module Five How to commit and recommit to caring for yourself and become more resilient
  • Module Six Discover your emotional template and have your full range of feelings
  • Module Seven The difference between recovery and healing; moving to better times
  • Bonus video What decisions have you made about yourself based on your experience?
  • Bonus video Two How the brain works. It’s not personal it’s neurological