Kindness Incorporated™

Kindness Incorporated™ is a psychotherapy model and practice, developed by Anna Pinkerton after 25 years of helping people recover from trauma in their lives.

Incorporating kindness into our lives is profoundly healing, and helps with recovery from trauma, burnout, breakdown, anxiety, stress, depression, and despair.

Traumatic events, such as assault, abuse, muggings, bullying, rape, bereavement and more can often leave people feeling bruised by the event itself and left coping with ‘inner brutality’, which prevents healing and stops people from enjoying their lives . Inner brutality disengages the person from self-care, gradually wearing them down until burnout or breakdown i.e. total collapse.

Kindness Incorporated helps people cultivate a kind and companionable relationship with themselves. It’s the backbone to preventing ‘inner brutality’ and building self-resilience from the core to create opportunity and joy, leading to a more fulfilled life. As a result, it releases untapped energy, allowing people to feel more open to internal creativity and external possibilities.  


There are 3 key components to Kindness Incorporated: 


Cultivating a kind and companionable relationship with yourself, becoming your own best friend to build inner resilience. 


Fully appreciating and considering your whole life experience, including examining what you ‘tuck away’. 


Appreciation for how your experiences have shaped who you are today. Learning the power in self-care and how to continue this journey amongst the rigors of life whilst being happier and healthier.



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About Anna Pinkerton

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Learn about Anna’s development of Kindness Incorporated and her own personal story about overcoming trauma through the adoption of self-kindness.

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