Anna’s work has been covered extensively in a wide range of media. Below are a selection of the articles written about, or by, Anna.

The Role of Shame in Abusive Relationships

Firstly there is no such thing as an abusive relationship. Truth is, 99% of the time it is one person controlling and showing aggression to another, within an intimate relationship.

Review of Smile Again

Ceri Wheeldon reviews Anna’s new book Smile Again.

How to be Kind to Yourself Will Boost Your Career Prospects

In this article, Anna explains how kindness to yourself boosts your career path making you mature, emotionally intelligent, responsible and compelling.

Kinder Way To Work

In this article Anna discusses a new way of working that focuses on employees’ wellbeing.

The Starvation of the Self

In this HR Review article, Anna explains the 5 myths that perpetuate corporate stress.

How to keep stress from killing your employees, by Salman Sasheen

This provocative article by Salman Sasheen examines how corporate stress is literally killing people and cites Anna’s innovative ideas of how to successfully take on the reality of modern corporate culture.

Corporate stress will break our best minds unless we embrace self-care

Anna provides a frank account of the silent killer of corporate stress on our most revered talent.

Happy Mondays Leading Life and Happiness Coach

Carol Ann Rice reviews Anna’s book Smile Again and Anna’s mission to help us heal ourselves and others via kindness.

How to be kind to yourself

In this Psychologies article Anna advises that learning how to smile again starts with kindness of thought towards self and others. Here, she shares how to be more kind to ourselves.

Dealing With Shame

Shame is a normal part of the ordinary spectrum of emotions, overwhelming shame is disabling and at worst paralyzing. It is particularly significant for those who feel humiliated by something that has happened to them publicly. Anna shows that overwhelming shame, once conquered, can be transformed into a renewed energy.

Be Kind to Yourself, Learn to Be Your Own Best Friend

In Yours’ Meet Our Expert, Lizzy Dening discusses Anna’s methods in turning off your inner critic, and the importance of taking care of ourselves to feel more relaxed and robust.

How to tell if your colleague is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Thousands of people are not realising they are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. In this blog post Anna provides a symptom checklist that may help you recognise PTSD in someone else.

Humanity Beats Cruelty Every Time: How Committing To Kindness To Yourself Can Change The World

Whilst we see unpredictable and unfathomable terror around, we often wonder ‘What can we do to help’. You are a greater change agent than you think. Cruelty is contagious, but kindness is contagious too.

The five signs that you’re heading for burnout

No job should make you sick. But oddly enough burnout happens to the best of us, hitting the committed, the grafters, the loyal, the ones that will go the extra mile. Most tend not to realise they’re heading for burnout until it’s too late. Anna outlines five signs to look out for.

The Dangers of Using Running Excessively as a Coping Tool

Exercise is a great way to help us cope with devastating events, but using it excessively can be detrimental to our health. In this article, Anna talks about confronting emotions of grief.

Why professional success doesn’t have to come at the expense of personal health

What is the point of success if you are not well enough to take pleasure in it? In this article, Anna shares the keys of healthy success in professional life.

How to be Kind to Yourself

We often think and are told that random acts of kindness are for others only. BUT, what would life be like if we adopted this for ourselves too?

I Was in an Abusive Relationship for Years and Never Knew

In this very personal story, Anna shares how she fell in love with the most awful man she has ever met. She points out some red flags; common factors that link the experience of an abusive relationship.

Recovering From Trauma

It’s not unusual for people who are traumatised to be annoyed with themselves for not being able to get themselves better. Anna talks about overcoming “inner brutality” and offers a series of 7 processes towards recovering and healing.

How Did Being With An Abusive Partner Inform My Methodology Of Using Kindness To Overcome Unhelpful Neurology?

“My experience, though terrifying and heart-breaking, was the greatest teaching I’ve ever had.” Anna talks about her recovery and healing from being in an abusive relationship, and offers five reasons to become one’s own “Personal Neuro-Navigator.”

Why Do Some Women Have No Female Friends?

For a surprising number of women, the mere idea of being part of a big group of females can be enough to fill them with horror. Here, three women describe the isolation that began in childhood and how they yearn to overcome it.


The state of mental health in the workplace

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