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Smile Again: Your Recovery from Burnout, Breakdown and Overwhelming Stress


If you are the hard worker, the grafter, the dedicated, you are more likely to suffer from burnout and breakdown. 

You are probably more likely to hide your stress, and try to cope silently. If you’re used to leading or managing others, if you’re used to having others look up to you and rely on you, you are likely to feel more crippled by shame and despair. Stress related to work has taken on pandemic proportions. 

Burnout and breakdown literally happens to the best of us. What you are experiencing is a perfectly normal reaction to extreme conditions, and you can find a way out of it. This book offers tools to help you recover quickly and thoroughly. It uses simple, but powerful, images to bypass the part of your brain that is hindered by stress, and help you heal again on a deep subconscious level. Even if you feel you’re ‘broken’, you can absolutely repair. 

If this sounds like you, then this book will help you smile again. This book will be of interest to readers of the following topics: Couples & family therapy, Medicine & psychology, Counseling, Anxieties & phobias, Stress, Psychology.


After experiencing an extremely tough traumatic breakdown, this book and Anna's teachings completely changed the way I related to myself. Anna gave me the courage to build a better relationship with myself and taught me how to be truly kind to myself in times of mental and emotional adversity. If you're going through tough times - personally or professionally - this book could change your life.
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Anna is a fantastic therapist with so much experience to share, not just from her own many years of practice but also from her own personal experience. This gives her a unique perspective and empathy. The book is beautifully written with much care, and has a good combination of explanation (why we feel the way we do, how the brain works, the process of recovery) and also practical advice and comforting reassurance. There is no replacement for working directly with Anna (or a similar quality therapist) but this book is a wonderful start point and accompaniment. Many years on I still pick the book up and dip in and out to remind myself of certain things which I learnt and need to refer to on the inevitable dark day. Keep up the wonderful work Anna x
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The state of mental health in the workplace

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