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The Kindness Inc™ Hub

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The KI™ Hub is everything you need as an individual and organisation to keep staff from burning out. You get to educate everyone so a culture of joint responsibility can be created and maintained.​

Whats included with the Hub?

Burnout Trainings

Three video series 1. Burnout Awareness 2. Burnout Prevention 3. Reboot Yourself Burnout Recovery program

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Therapy solutions for Individuals and Families

Anna is UK based but works Worldwide.  She specialises in burnout, trauma, and stress. She differs from other therapists, where she works closely with clients to tailor made support plans built around the individual and work needs. Clients get supportive care to help them recover more quickly, rather than feeling like they can only speak to a therapist in a 1 hour time slot each week.

Psychotherapy courses are offered to clients throughout the world either face to face at home or in work, or via video conferencing, such as Skype, FaceTime, Zoom. Clients are also welcome to visit Anna at her office in Derbyshire, England.

For a free private and confidential consultation, please contact Anna.

Workshops & Retreats for Businesses

Anna’s Kindness Incorporated™ courses for business leaders and teams are designed to help people prevent burnout and breakdown in the workplace.

Kindness Incorporated™ puts the science of kindness at the heart of business. KI™ empowers people to begin the journey of unleashing their own personal power through self awareness and self care.

Prolonged stress in the workplace, causes less creativity, less productivity, less harmony, less transparency, less contentment, less profit, less fulfillment.

Full or half day mini retreats are also offered to help teams immerse themselves in new techniques to improve their personal and professional lives.

Inspiring Talks for your team or organisation

Anna speaks at events throughout the world.  Her passion for prevention of burnout trauma© is infectious. 

Combining seriousness with gentle humour, Anna is able to bring difficult subjects out into the open, making them understandable to a wide range of audiences. Her ability to tell stories of breakdown and revival are captivating.  Her experience of working with people who ‘don’t want to die, but don’t know how to live’ brings a depth to her public speaking that is genuinely unique.

Speaking topics:

  • The Truth About Burnout
  • Defining Burnout Trauma©
  • The Real Cost Of Burnout To Companies
  • The Power Of Self Awareness In Burnout Prevention
  • What Recovery Truly Takes

A Healthier YOU

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Companies/Organisations I have worked with

Anna's writing on burnout has been regularly featured on the BBC, national papers, leading HR and staffing magazines, blogs and podcasts.

· Yours Magazine
· Economia
· HR Review
· Psychologies Magazine
· Daily Express
· Virgin Media
· BBC Radop Leeds
· The Divorce Magazine
· The World Weekly

· CSOForensics
· European Commission
· Evening Standard
· Harman Int.
· Idom-Merebrook
· Lloyds Reg.

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Feel Like You're Burning Out?

The Burnout Prevention Quiz© has been designed as a self-help guide to help you determine where you are on the burnout spectrum. Take the 60 second quiz


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