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Anna Pinkerton is a professionally qualified psychotherapist and author with over 25 years experience, she specialises in helping people recover from chronic stress, PTSD, burnout and breakdown.

As a leading expert in the UK for post trauma work, and burnout trauma Anna is uniquely trained in EMDRII, TIR and CATTI protocols (trauma re-processing models). She has successfully incorporated these models into a generic model of person-centred, recovery focused psychotherapy and has pioneered the use of simple drawings and imagery, in line with neuroscience.  Her methodology helps people recover thoroughly from chronic stress reactions, traumatic experiences, PTSD, depression and anxiety.

Anna works with individuals across the world and specialises in working with entrepreneurs, business leaders and senior executives who have experienced a traumatic event in their life or are suffering from long-term stress, which can result in traumatic breakdown.

Anna is the founder of Kindness Incorporated™ a unique philosophy centered on companionability to self, affecting others and business for the better.  Influenced by her personal experience with trauma and recovery Anna has fused the science of kindness with the art of business and has vast experience in the prevention of burnout, burnout trauma© and traumatic breakdown.

Anna is also the author of bestselling book Smile Again, a guide for professionals, who have experienced burnout, breakdown and overwhelming stress in life, with practical methods to begin their road to recovery.

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If you are a leader of a business, looking for new effective methods, Anna can help you develop a healthy and productive workplace environment.

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Psychotherapy courses are offered to clients throughout the world either face to face at home or in work, or via video conferencing, such as Skype, FaceTime, Zoom.


Access the Kindness Inc™ Hub online training portal in burnout awareness, prevention & recovery. All trainings in video, audio and PDF format.

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Anna's writing on burnout has been regularly featured on the BBC, national papers, leading HR and staffing magazines, blogs and podcasts.

· Yours Magazine
· Economia
· HR Review
· Psychologies Magazine
· Daily Express
· Virgin Media
· BBC Radio Leeds
· The Divorce Magazine
· The World Weekly

· CSOForensics
· European Commission
· Evening Standard
· Mazars.
· Idom-Merebrook
· Lloyds Reg.

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