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Kindness Incorporated™ designed by Anna Pinkerton, is a unique practice to prevent burnout and breakdown in the workplace.

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Long term stress, and traumatic life events can leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and helpless to know where to turn next.  Stress can leave you feeling weakened and like you don’t recognise yourself.

Anna Pinkerton is a professionally qualified psychotherapist with over 25 years’ experience helping people recover from chronic stress, trauma, PTSD, burnout and breakdown.

Anna works worldwide with business leaders, senior executives, professionals and people in the public eye.

Anna differs from other therapists, where she works closely with clients to provide tailored therapy solutions built around individual need. This means clients get the supportive care they need to help them recover more quickly.

For a free private and confidential consultation, please contact Anna on +44 (0) 7899 688845, or via email at [email protected]