How often do you feel like you’re at the end of your tether?

Do you know deep down that you need help, but don’t know where to turn?

Would you like a practical guide that you can work through in the privacy of your own home?

‘Reboot Yourself’ is an online course for professionals who want to learn how to recover from (or prevent) burnout, learn from their experiences, and learn how to move on and thrive in the future.

Created by bestselling author Anna Pinkerton, this course is the culmination of 27 years working and learning as a trained psychotherapist and trauma practitioner. It is the crystallisation of 29,000 hours of work with people at the darkest times of their lives.

The information contained in this guide has helped numerous Business Owners, Directors, Managers, Consultants, Solicitors, and other professionals recover and heal from burnout and move forward in their lives feeling more balanced, healthy and proud of their accomplishments.

When we are overwhelmed or over-stressed we can blame ourselves for not being able to get through it (or over it). When we have become overwhelmed by circumstances we often believe it to be something about ourselves.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. When we feel we can’t take another step it’s rarely our fault. It is never our weakness, in fact it’s nearly always the strong, dedicated and committed that burn out.

When professionals are close to burning out they are told about self-care in the shape of:

Take a


Gym Membership

Meet with

Sound familiar? Although important, these are not the things that will help you recover from burnout and overwhelming stress. Sometimes when you’re already overloaded, these things just seem like one more thing to deal with.

These are SHORT TERM fixes

‘Reboot Yourself’ is a guide to understanding the common things that bring about burnout and overwhelm so that you can be in good knowledge of yourself now and in the future.

Throughout the course you’ll discover the 7 elements required for a robust, and lifelong recovery and learn a process to living with ease by incorporating self care into your life.

‘Reboot Yourself’ will introduce you to a proven method you can follow to recover from burnout that has been tried, tested and refined numerous times in private therapy sessions.

It has been designed for you to follow from the privacy of your home, in your own time, and at your own pace and if you require it, you will have the option of utilising extra support via a Facebook Community.

What separates Anna from other therapists is that she's real, to the point and there's no BS attached. She's not afraid to give her outlook on the situation and when she does it's on par with the logic behind the sequence of events addresses neurological science. What I love about Anna's style is that you end up being your own coach, where the more you understand the meaning of your own emotions and behaviours, the more you're in control and ultimately able to be kind to yourself.
– Jay Freeman, Director Panda Int
Having worked alongside Anna for several years now, I can see why she has become the 'go to' expert for professionals and leaders who want to help themselves and their staff with the effects of stress.  I highly recommend Anna's book Smile Again and indeed all her work’
– Emma Harrison,
As a GP I first came across Anna’s work through a mutual patient/client. I was so impressed with her unique approach that I recommended her to another very different patient where she has been amazing and lifesaving. She is very clear of the route to be taken and focused on longstanding results that each individual can fall back on, adapt and learn how to use in the future. I have witnessed exceptional skills in trauma management.
– Dr L Jordan

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A Healthier You

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What makes the Reboot yourself so different?

This Burnout Recovery Programme has been designed to study at your own pace and privately from a device of your choice.

It is comprehensive training designed by a clinician of 27 years. Anna Pinkerton has 29,000 hours of clinical practice and it is this depth of experience that has informed this online course.

'The effects of burnout can be devastating to a person, their business or the company they work for - I've worked with individuals and business leaders around the world to help create a programme that can help you and your team spot the signs, prevent burnout and live happier more content lives.
Anna Pinkerton


The state of mental health in the workplace

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