Therapy solutions for
Individuals and Families

Anna is UK based but works Worldwide.  She specialises in burnout, trauma, and stress. She differs from other therapists, where she works closely with clients to tailor made support plans built around the individual and work needs. Clients get supportive care to help them recover more quickly, rather than feeling like they can only speak to a therapist in a 1 hour time slot each week.

Anna is known for building solid relationships with clients, assisting them to discover where their life experience is shaping their present life, emotion and behaviour. Anna helps people navigate and simplify complex issues.  She is 100% committed to help those focused on gaining self knowledge, self acceptance and mastery of themselves and their lives no matter what they’ve been through.

Psychotherapy courses are offered to clients throughout the world either face to face at home or in work, or via video conferencing, such as Skype, FaceTime, Zoom. Clients are also welcome to visit Anna at her office in Derbyshire, England.

For a free private and confidential consultation, please contact Anna.

Workshops for Businesses

Anna’s Kindness Incorporated™ courses for business leaders and teams are designed to help people become more aware of spiraling behaviours (early warning signs) and help them prevent burnout and breakdown in the workplace.

Kindness Incorporated™ puts the science of kindness at the heart of business. KI™ empowers people to begin the journey of unleashing their own personal power through self awareness and self care.

Prolonged stress in the workplace, causes less creativity, less productivity, less harmony, less transparency, less contentment, less profit, less fulfillment.

If you are a leader of a business, looking for new effective methods, Anna can help you develop a healthy and productive workplace environment.

Full or half day mini retreats are also offered to help teams immerse themselves in new techniques to improve their personal and professional lives.

Inspiring Talks

anna public speaking 01

Anna speaks at events throughout the world.  Her passion for prevention of burnout trauma is infectious. 

She believes (and can convince you) that with a focus on self-companionship, consideration and care, so often missing from corporate culture, most breakdowns are avoidable.

Combining seriousness with gentle humour, Anna is able to bring difficult subjects out into the open, making them understandable to a wide range of audiences. Her ability to tell stories of breakdown and revival are captivating.  Her experience of working with people who ‘don’t want to die, but don’t know how to live’ brings a depth to her public speaking that is genuinely unique.

Speaking Topics:

  • The Burnout Revolution
  • The Truth about Burnout
  • Self-care in the face of corporate brutality
  • How kindness can transform your business
  • Inner brutality: the silent contagion
  • How inner companionship helps you recover from adversity
  • The energy exchange in brutality vs kindness