6 secrets to feeling better faster

6 secrets on how to feel better faster

Here are 6 secrets you’ll love if you’ve been wondering how to feel better faster:

1. Telling yourself this is an ordinary reaction to an extraordinary situation helps!

2. Talking to people who you can trust about your experience helps!

Years ago we would talk things through again and again with our extended families.  Now we must find a ‘listening ear’ someone who is prepared to listen to your story over and over again.

3. Writing down your thoughts and feelings helps! 

It is proven that writing freehand reduces emotional agony.  You need never look back at what you write (you might just put it away somewhere) but writing is a healer!

4. Doodling helps!

Making pictures has a similar effect as writing.  It can be an expression of how you feel inside or an image which acts as a distraction. (it doesn’t need to be a piece of art, doodling slowly, helps calm the mind and body)

5. Going for a walk helps! 

If this is available to you this is a good way of reducing emotional agony.  It can help calm stress, and simply gives a distraction whilst taking in the surroundings.

Walking gives positive physical feedback to the brain and body.   If a walk outside is not possible even around the garden will do, or opening a door or window to take in some fresh air will help!

6. Speaking kindly to yourself helps!

It has been proven that how we think influences how we feel.  So, when you say kind things even in your own mind, your subconscious hears and we begin to believe it.

The reverse is the same!  So whilst you’re in any kind of distress today try speaking kindly to yourself.  Try this: “It’s a shame I feel this way, it won’t last”

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these tips for how to feel better sooner, let me know about your experiences in the comments below.


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