Fear of the Unknown Won’t Stop Your Recovery from a Traumatic Breakdown…Here’s Why

Fear of the Unknown Won’t Stop Your Recovery from a Traumatic Breakdown…Here’s Why

It’s really important that I tell you now that everybody fears the unknown.

Whilst traumatic breakdown takes you away from everything that you knew, loved and didn’t love, it’s put you in a place of not knowing anything at all.

This I promise you doesn’t last but it does cause you great pain and fear. 

It’s expected that you’d be afraid whilst you cannot see a way out of this turmoil, whilst you can’t see a way back to the life you had or a way forward to a new one.

It’s helpful to find people, writing, songs or anything that helps you manage the fear you’re within and helps you believe this won’t last; because it won’t.

Nothing lasts forever including an unknowing place.

I have sat with dozens of people who struggle to keep faith that better is to come. This can be even when they have made gigantic strides within their own trauma recovery story.

Even when the trauma storm is passing, panic of not fully recovering can brutally catch them unawares again. This stage/process is so difficult because you have absolutely no idea what the future holds.

If all markers of life are gone all vision is gone, all dreams are gone in an instant too. How scary to suddenly find your landscape devoid of all the things familiar, and all the people, and feelings that are familiar too.

We’re hardwired to imagine the future to visualise it and work towards it.  The cruel reality for people in traumatic breakdown is that they lose their vision, they lose their future but they have a terrifying present also.

What is hard to bear is whilst you wrestle this unknown and whilst you navigate yourself through your trauma storm your future is not lost, your future is continually forming in the background whilst you recover; you simply cannot see it from behind the fog at this point.

Which is why I’m saying this to you now for you to believe at some level that your future is formulating in the background. Whilst you recover and heal your subconscious is noting its increased skills–kit, your small gains, your large gains and your dreams.

Your whole system mind, body and soul is getting feedback all the time every day that you survive and every ounce of healing is being noted.

When your trauma storm is at its most brutal your feedback (however basic) is that you survive that day when you least believe you can. 

It’s like your subconscious/your soul is cogitating and formulating your vision whilst you get on with the healing project of everyday.

Very few of us are keen to be in an unknowing place, but this won’t persist, you will make gains and certainties along the way.

You will find you become increasingly aware of your knowledge, skills, and your likes and dislikes, your comfort, your anxieties hour-to-hour and day-to-day.

This becomes your foundation however rudimentary that you are arriving in a knowing place.

A place where you can grow and be within the life you desire and within the life that you strive for.

If you’d like to read more about recovery from traumatic breakdown you can buy your own copy of my new book ‘Smile Again’ here or sign up for my latest updates at the bottom of the page.


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