5 myths that perpetuate corporate stress

5 Myths That Perpetuate Corporate Stress & Burnout

1. There is no alternative to corporate stress
2. A ‘stiff upper lip’ culture is the only alternative to wallowing & self pity
3. Burnout out at ‘the top’ is natural selection in action; ‘standard wastage in corporate culture’
4. Care of mental & physical health is weak & self indulgent
5. Kindness to self is self worship & leads to arrogance

Perpetuating these myths is EXPENSIVE.

Rewarding denial of basic human needs, and not valuing self-care is breaking people, and at best ruining their experience of life.

This is not a sophisticated way of operating.

Ignorance of the care of the inner self is leading to anxiety, depression, substance misuse, trauma and sometimes complete breakdown.

Our ‘carry on regardless’ culture is dangerously archaic.

We carry on regardless through fear of not being good enough; fear of humiliation; and ironically fear of weakening.

Businesses are losing good people, and the secret code of carry on regardless creates a place where people cannot thrive, and where if they burnout or breakdown recovery is a long haul.

“It doesn’t have to be that way, we just believe it does”.

Why do you think people believe these myths? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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