The Corporate Carapace, Necessary armour in the corporate world?

The Corporate Carapace, Necessary armour in the corporate world?

My mission to prevent breakdown in the corporate world continues. Whilst walking through the Royal Botanical Gardens of Edinburgh I was contemplating my invitation to corporations to embrace cultivating internal kindness.

My thoughts wandered to ‘Why wouldn’t they, why wouldn’t they harness all that potential and energy that lies beneath the stress, and the secret suffering?’

Looking for inspiration and metaphor as always. Next I walked into the Cactus House and I could see. What I am asking people to do is to soften; be kind and gentle in a spiky and hazardous world. Who would want to do that?

No wonder the culture of corporate life is to surround yourself in an armour; the corporate carapace.

How do I convey that it’s all possible; it’s preferable, and leads to real success?

Who wants to be soft surrounded by cacti, cacti breeds cacti. This life however is exhausting at best, and killing people at worst.

The initial exhilaration is not a state to live within. Exhilaration like most emotion should be transient. Exhilaration is only a peak of experience if it is sporadic, if it is sort as a constant it becomes addictive; toxic and stress.

Stress will always make us pay attention. It will physically or mentally takes us off our feet if we don’t pay due regard to it.

Breaking down does not have to happen if we carry on with due regard to self. Make sure you have a protective semi-permeable carapace so that you can let kindness and consideration in and stress out.

Let’s keep having the conversation. The safest way to make this paradigm shift is to keep raising our game, raising the conversation and knowing the inner torment of corporate world was made by us and can be undone by us.

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