Who Burns Out?

Who Burns Out?

Is anyone exempt from burnout?  

Although burnout can affect anyone at any time, there are a few similar characteristics that most people with burnout seem to experience. If you notice any of these characteristics in yourself, it’s a clear sign that you could be on a fast road to becoming someone who burns out. 


High-achievers are often prone to experiencing burnout. They love what they do but tend to overwork themselves beyond their limit. Eventually, they reach a breaking point where can’t go the extra mile anymore. Worn down and exhausted, they have no choice but to stop.  


Being aware of the traits and attitudes that can lead to burnout is important because once you can identify them within yourself, you can make adjustments and avoid burnout.

In this episode of The Kindness Incorporated Podcast, I share 10 characteristics that make people prone to burnout.  

Who Burns Out?

Tune into this episode to learn: 


  • Why it’s usually the strong and determined people who burnout 
  • What it means to extend yourself beyond your limit and how it increases your risk of burnout 
  • The benefits of seeing stress as episodic occurrences rather than an inevitable by-product of work 
  • How to prevent burnout by slowing down and adjusting your routine along the way 
  • Characteristics to look out for in people who have a tendency to burnout 
  • How stress at work or at home can attribute to burnout trauma  


To watch this episode click play on the video below:


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