Early Signs of Burnout, in Thoughts and Feelings – Part 1

Early Signs of Burnout, in Thoughts and Feelings - Part 1

Anyone can experience burnout.


Unfortunately, nobody is truly exempt from it, but there are early warning signs that you can look out for in yourself and others to help prevent burnout.  


Burnout often occurs when someone is suffering from chronic work stress and disengagement. They might not be showing many outwardly signs that burnout is taking root, but their thoughts and feelings may tell a different story. 


When it comes to people’s thoughts and feelings, things can get really complicated. In this episode of The Kindness Incorporated Podcast, I reveal some thoughts that people start to have as early warning signs of burnout. This episode is part one of three, so stay tuned to learn more about the early warning signs of burnout. 

Early Signs of Burnout, in Thoughts and Feelings - Part 1

A few of the thoughts I cover in this episode include: 


  • I don’t recognise myself anymore 
  • My head is so full I can’t take another thing”  
  • What if I keep walking (or stay on the train, keep driving, etc.), and don’t go to work?” 
  • I’m embarrassed and ashamed about feeling this way, I don’t want anyone to know 


To watch this episode click play on the video below:


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