Early Signs of Burnout, in Thoughts and Feelings – Part 3

Early Signs of Burnout, in Thoughts and Feeling

When our stress levels skyrocket and we overwork ourselves for too long, we often turn on ourselves. We start to get upset or even angry because we think that we should be able to cope with all of the stress raining down on us without feeling overwhelmed. Then, we berate ourselves and become our own worst enemy. 


This is why investing in yourself and your mental well-being is so important. When you burnout, you’ll probably have a short fuse not just with others, but also with yourself. You might even feel like you’ve lost your “mojo,” the thing that makes you…well, you. 


If any of this sounds familiar, please take a few minutes to tune into this episode of The Kindness Incorporated Podcast, where I talk about early warning signs of burnout in terms of the thoughts and feelings a person who is burnout out may experience.  


This is final instalment of the mini three-part series we have going on about the thoughts and feelings people who burnout tend to have. In this episode, we focus on how someone who is facing burnout treats themselves and why self-kindness is so important.  

Early Signs of Burnout, in Thoughts and Feeling - Part 3

In this episode, you’ll learn: 


  • What it means to lose your ‘mojo’ when you burnout 
  • Why people who burnout often say that they don’t recognise themselves anymore 
  • The problem with berating yourself and the negative impact it can have on your mental wellbeing 
  • The importance of practicing self-kindness to help overcome difficult times in your life 
  • Why people who burnout hurt themselves  

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Watch the video for this episode here:


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