Early Signs of Burnout, in Thoughts and Feeling – Part 2

Early Signs of Burnout, in Thoughts and Feeling - Part 2

When someone is on the verge of burnout, signs can manifest as negative thoughts and feelings as a result of mental and/or physical exhaustion.


Problems that you could once solve with your eyes closed suddenly seem insurmountable. Everything looks colourless, like your life is drained from the vibrancy and energy it once had.  


Thoughts and feelings are complex.


When you’re approaching burnout, or you’ve already burnt out, those thoughts and feelings will often roll into each other. Before you know it, they’ve exacerbated and created even more overwhelm. Despite what many people will tell you, burnout is so much more than needing a holiday. We can’t escape our own minds after all and burnout breakdown means trauma and unfortunately, you can’t break down gently.  


Burnout trauma is when a sudden and shocking rupture to your mental and physical health occurs. If you want to prevent burnout, it’s important to understand its complexities. In this episode, I share part two of our Early Signs of Burnout series, where we investigate the thoughts and feelings that tend to show up in somebody who’s on the verge of burnout. 

Early Signs of Burnout, in Thoughts and Feeling - Part 2

In this episode, you’ll discover: 


  • How the feeling of being unappreciated can lead to burnout  
  • The importance of self-care for both your physical and emotional wellbeing 
  • Why feelings of dread about everyday life is an early warning sign  
  • How anxiety can drive more overwhelm and exacerbate symptoms of burnout 
  • How burnout can impact the sharpness of your mind 

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