11 tips of how to be kinder to yourself and love a job you hate


11 tips of how to be kinder to yourself and love a job you hate


  1. The longest conversation you’ll have with anyone in your life is the one you have with yourself. Make your inner conversation a kindly and supportive one when at work (and always).  Be your own endorser, pat yourself on the back for what you manage, and achieve.


  1. Become a radical, and be KIND to yourself. Even if you’re in the rat race, be there willingly in the knowledge that it works for now.  Do one act of kindness for yourself every day without fail, make time for lunch, buy yourself flowers, get a bite to eat, call an old  friend, meet a friend.


  1. Remind yourself that STRESS is CRAZY you are NOT! Breathe through the stress so it doesn’t ‘stick’ and bring you down.  It feels good to wrestle stress rather than soak it up.


  1. Check out how you talk to yourself. Vow to stop swearing at yourself, shouting at yourself and being disappointed with yourself. You’re usually doing the best you can.


  1. Allow your ‘full range of feelings’. Feelings cannot be wrong but many of us believe some feelings are negative and some are positive, but they’re all the same.  We are born with them all, so we must allow them all.  It causes us great distress when we have injunctions against ordinary feelings.  Allowing yourself to be ‘real’ and to talk about how you feel about work means you’re honouring your experience and not just trying to fit in.


  1. Remember you don’t have to like everything about yourself to love yourself and treat yourself well. What if work is the only place you get to sit and eat a whole lunch?  That’s something to fall in love with, TIME to enjoy your meal.


  1. LOVE the lessons your work is teaching you. Even if you hate your job, you may be able to love what it’s teaching you.  What are you learning about yourself which will always be your learning forever.


  1. If you do hate your job fall in love with the fact that you hate it. Know that its good information for you that you have outgrown it, you know what you don’t want in your life.  Start imagining what kind of job you would love.  Do something every day that brings the dream a little closer for example if you would love to own a vintage car perhaps buy yourself a vintage car magazine just that you can dream a little.


  1. Always make 10 minutes of inner peace. Honestly, most things can wait 10 minutes we just believe they can’t.   Have you heard yourself saying I haven’t had a single minute to myself?  Don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed create your own headspace every day.  You stay well, and love yourself more for doing so.


  1. Love the one you win!’ Remind yourself every now and then, “This job is sustaining me”.  You are supporting yourself, you can be proud of that if you allow yourself to be.


  1. Love it or Leave it. Know you have choice, even if you cannot see that right now. Even if you don’t always like it, even if you detest it, if you think you have no choice about being in your job you are almost certainly feeling trapped and this will make your working day so much harder.  Hate it with love, and you’ll have a way better working week, until you’re ready to move on.



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