How to cope better in a stressful environment



How to cope better in a stressful environment

It’s worth remembering that it is the environment that is stressful and that stress is not an entity in itself. STRESS is created within human beings, and by human beings. We pass it between each other, and the exact opposite is also true.  Care, consideration, companionship and kindness can be equally powerful contagions.

Things to think about

Bag the early gain!  What situations are you really good at coping with? We all have our difficulties, and triggers to these.  Remind yourself of the things that you manage well, and with ease.  This is your positive evidence and counteracts the dreaded ‘inner critic’, who say’s you’re rubbish at managing this stress’

  • Acknowledge the things that you find particularly stressful, and then what you do next.
  • Remind yourself that stress is normal in short bursts but is not sustainable over long periods of time. There has to be a balance, (though life rarely serves us balance on a plate).  Coping better with STRESS is balancing the TOUGH with the SMOOTH.
  • STRESS loves you hating yourself and turning it against yourself, beat it with COMPANIONSHIP, CONSIDERATION and CARE for yourself.
  • Remember that it’s only the strong, the grafters and the committed who experience stress, otherwise you wouldn’t be in it.
  • Ask yourself do I have a choice? All lack of choice creates feelings of entrapment, which never feels good!
  • Don’t normalise stress
  • DON’T make it about you
  • DON’T turn stress into your weakness, stress is nothing about your weakness (quite the opposite)
  • Be sure to be kind to yourself in thoughts, and in actions
  • Find somewhere to sit, lean against, snuggle up; this is known as pro-prioception it gives the body feedback that you’re safe.
  • Ask yourself ‘What do I want’ literally in the next 10 minutes, every hour.
  • If you hate where you are ask yourself ‘What is this teaching me?’
  • Where can you show kindness to yourself and someone else.
  • Things to take action on
  • SMOOTH OUT YOUR STRESS MARKS. Find ways to counteract the adrenalin, & cortisol rush.
  • Try writing, doodling, walking, talking, resting, 5 minute meditation app.
  • CONNECT with others, have eye contact, meet for tea/coffee, know that you’re in it together.
  • Acknowledge STRESS, stress hates that!
  • “You can only do what is NOW” take a BREAK or failing that plan your next break
  • Breathe; it takes a few seconds to find space to breathe deeply. This feeds back to the brain “I’m okay”
  • Take 10 seconds to think, on your own. Time buys you health.


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